17 February 2017

About Arrival Movie

One of the best movie of 2017

11 November 2016

Orang Bodoh

On broaden up your mind

9 November 2016

Re-building wolppp.com

Wolppp minor revamp

8 October 2016

Creating Digitas Alphabetical System

Das Robot Development

5 July 2016

DAS Robot: The birth of The DAS

DAS Robot Development

20 April 2016

Being On Time

I've done many meetings lately. Not the kind of office meeting where a huge group goes to meet, but a personal business meeting. The similar thing about all those meeting is lateness, and apparently I always become a person who came first, and waiting. And FYI, I wrote this post while waiting. I tried to make waiting time become useful.

While most people who live in Jakarta will likely said living in this damned city will almost certainly being late to come to meeting, I'd say managed it, so you don't have to be late. The one that is damned is the city, not you. You're (i believe) smarter than your city.

Sounds like too ideal but I don't give a fuck. Late is annoying and all people should avoid being late. At any occasion, at any time. Come to meeting or appointment at least 30 minutes before. Unpredicted traffic? I bet y'all use smartphone, then use fuckin Waze. Traffic jam? Use Go-jek. Raining? Since you're live in two-seasons country with unpredictable weather, live with it and prepared with rain coat, umbrella or water proof apparel all the time. 

You keep being late but I will not. Just don't get annoyed if I'm leaving because you're not the only person who have a busy live, and because I also have something else to do which other called it "busy".

15 April 2016

Thoughts on Music Streaming

After few months trying out Apple Music and since Spotify (that finally) officially opened up its access in Indonesia a month ago (even though I start my Spotify access two years ago), I think both service are okay, but not great, as for completeness of their music library. I found both service lack of some of my favourite album from my favourite bands, and it quite annoying. I know maybe its a matter of their agreement with bands or labels. Despite of it, still, I'm annoyed.

While definitely you can find all of those Korean girl band or shits like Kanye's or even some random ugly EDMs, but just to mention some, I couldn't find "From Chaos" from 311, both in Apple Music and Spotify. Pure Reason Revolution only has one album both in Apple Music and Spotify. I couldn't find Symphony X's Paradise Lost in both. The Reign of Kindo's self-titled EP, which is their greatest released, is lack on both service.

Some says that music streaming decreased music sharing (or as hypocrites called "music piracy"). I see that music streaming successfully educate people on how they consume music. But to think that it will wipe off music sharing is a bit too arrogant. The more I pays for music streaming, the more I used them, the more I found that it lacks of having my favourite albums, the more I realized that music sharing will not get wiped off, at least not for short period of time. Not to mention a long time study that says music sharing has nothing to do with people's willingness to buy music, which has been proven to see today's trend on music streaming.

14 January 2016


A bunch of young professionals in their early career, most likely on their first year after graduated, walks into the this place and start to enjoying their beers while chat about each other problems in the office.

I was there. On the next table. Overheard all the talkings.

I know.

But they were talk so loud (maybe it was the beers. You know) as if they were in the jungle where no ones around, in fact there was full pack of people, and I couldn't help to hear and I can't blame my ear to overheard what they says.

Anyway, I used to collect a little phrase that I overheard from passerby. Since I only heard a bit chunk of their talking, and I don't really know the context, then most of the time those little phrases are sounds weird and absurd, in positives way. Well at least it positive for me.

Maybe I should re-compile my overheard phrases.


4 January 2016


Lemmy Ace Lemmy Cowboy