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Rizal Renaldi is professional design & creative consultant with more than 12 years experences. Prior to being independent consultant, I've worked in local and multinational advertising agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia. Handled many clients in wide ranging industries such as tobacco, banking, FMCG, automotive and logistic.

Currently reside in Jakarta, Indonesia and available for consultation in brand identity development, creative and digital works.

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About Arrival Movie

Arrival for me is unusual take of sci-fi movie and turns out to become simply remarkable movie experience

Other than my curiousity of those floating cylinder, the poster of this movie is not really invites me to watch it. It seems like B-rated movie. But I got blown away when I did watched it.

I will not write what’s happening in the movie, you should watch it. YOU SHOULD. I’ll try to write down my reasons why I called this movie “Unusual take of sci-fi movie, simply remarkable movie experience”

1. Twisted plot with totally different approach than any other twisted-plot movie!

2. Very rare that movie using point of view of a Linguist. Which turns out very interesting and unique. It succesfully put language as the important subject more than anything, and more than any other movie has put as an important subject. Not until this movie, does anyone even care that Linguist is exist?

3. The narrative way of telling a story is the thing that impress me from this movie.

4. I love the type of movie that put me in a total clueless in certain point and then reveal the bright side piece by piece and you got that eureka moment at other certain point. It’s feels satisfying.

5. I couldn't help myself to always think Amy in The Office and I always get annoyed by her role there and the way she acts. Even though I’m not really that impressed by Amy Adams performance in this movie too, but i guess that’s what make this movie so good. Her depressing performance somehow complementing the whole movie.

6. The movie give me a truly remarkable experience. It is just different than any other movie. As far as I remember, the movie that gave me similar experience is Gone Girl. In terms of pace and emotional, I can compare this movie to Children of Men.

7. The biggest take out from this movie is not about the movie itself, it’s not about the alien invasion, it’s not about global catastrophe. It’s about us, human, who most of the time and will always be, a cause of all problems that human face themself.

For me this is my first favorite movie in early 2017.