• 13 Feb 2014
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Big Hope On iOS7

“Because everyone who knows anything about design knows that skeuomorphism is, like, the worst.”

Quoted from here.

As a person who studied Visual Communication Design for 4 years, got bachelor degree on it, working on creatives and designs for the past 6 years, and believe that art and design are running enormously in my veins, I simply disagree with the quote above.

On the other hand, I’m an all-things-Apple kind of person (who recently bought Android phone just to anticipate what Google come up next), but I can really appreciate and enjoying the approach on Windows Phone’s flat design, but then iOS’ so-called skeuomorphism style isn’t bad at all. Depend on the context and strategy wise, both flat style design or heavy textured skeuomorphism style can be good.

On another part of the article the writer quoted Steve Jobs:
In case we’ve all forgotten, let’s recall that famous quote from Steve Jobs himself: that design is “not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

Sometimes I think people are too easy to understand the quote from a smart person like Steve Jobs. My point is, the writer has misunderstood the quote. Based on my experiences, that SJ’s quote should be read the other way around, and it give something like this:To make a design that works, some of the elements you should consider are looks and feels.

As I write this note, Apple will announce iOS 7 in less than 30 minutes. I really hope that Jony Ive is not making any substantial mistake by changing iOS design radically because I believe the existing iOS design direction is already on the right track. It just need a bit refresh after few years since the first iOS, it hasn’t change a lot, but I believe it shouldn’t change a lot.

Also by changing the design to (too much) flat design style, and since Windows did it first, I don’t believe Apple has “Think Different” spirit anymore. Finger crossed.

*I wrote this post 30 minutes before WWDC 2013. Apple has announced radically changed iOS 7 design, which is the thing I afraid. Originally posted on my Google+ page.