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Rizal Renaldi is professional design & creative consultant with more than 12 years experences. Prior to being independent consultant, I've worked in local and multinational advertising agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia. Handled many clients in wide ranging industries such as tobacco, banking, FMCG, automotive and logistic.

Currently reside in Jakarta, Indonesia and available for consultation in brand identity development, creative and digital works.

Contact me at rizalrenaldi(at)

DAS Robot: The birth of The DAS

Recently I've been making some robot-themed design that I called DAS. You can see some of them with #DASrobot hashtag on my Dribbble and Instagram.

DAS is the word in German. At first i'm looking for abbreviation for my robot design. The phrase Dependent Asynchronous System stuck in my head. I'm not intentionally named this after German word but I realized that I admired Germany's innovation in technology. One of my all time favourite is Dieter Rams who made many famous simple design for electronic appliances brand, Braun. Later on I know that Kraftwerk also use the term Das Robot, which make sense because they're Germans.

DAS project is a work in progress and continuously added and updated. Follow my Instagram (@hellosignal) and my Dribbble for future updates.

Here's the story I wrote during the making of first design of DAS Robot.

In the year of 245 after-apocalypse, the world is full digital. Human can actually live inside a computer literally forever. This digital world later known as Digitas, has been inhabitated with over 100 billion of digitally converted humans.

In Digitas, Professor Ranzel Iridal, lead technologist of left wing funded corporation Scientific International Group or simply known as SIG Inc. has made 26 unique to each other chipsets to upgrade a virtual robot called DAS which has been around for almost 100 years keeping the order of Digitas. DAS is like a police in Digitas. Half God, indestructible, and has sophisticated architecture that immune to any viruses and attacks.

Dizain Allerr, a bright young scientist who invented and also designed DAS Unit Alpha, the very first DAS Robot, need to upgrade the robot. Only with the 26 chipsets made by Professor Iridal, Allerr can make the DAS stronger than ever. The problem is, Professor Iridal has been kidnapped and the chipset prototype with all of its blueprint has been stolen by Anti Digitas Resistance, a humanitarian right wing who lives in real world, with one mission: destroys Digitas and restore their version of humanity.

DAS is a war between the invention and humanity.