• 20 Feb 2014
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Did You Realised?

Say, you’re talk too much, that you think will make you look like have opinions, that you think you’ll earn other people praises by doing it. But then, after a long time, you just realised that you were successfully made yourself looks stupid in front of everybody else by doing that thing, and you can’t turn back time and you’re regret it.

The fact that you’re realised that thing is sometimes like 0.001% chance, which means you’re hardly will realised that you’re doing a fool thing, until you realised that everybody else around you starting to disrespect you or starting to make a joke on you. What comes next is the fact that too many stupid people in planet earth makes it even harder because at the same time, other people also doing the same.

The answer of this post’s question even harder to be solved, because it only can be answered if there’s at least one people realised what he/she did was wrong, which is, you’ve guessed it, a total rare. Even if there’s someone who realised, he/she can’t do nothing because is just simply useless to tell the people who’re still not realised one by one. All you can do is do nothing except write the blog post about it with little hoping someone who like-minded will say, “Ola! Concordo!”.

Like I just did.