• 24 Feb 2014
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My Pebble Experience

Early this month I bought Pebble version 1, the smart watch that started as a Kickstarter project. I missed its kickstarter project so I bought it at some seller in Kaskus' FJB.

One of the most important reason I bought Pebble is that I want experience a wearable device. The future is in wearable device, so I need to embrace myself in it, before all the device are 'wearable' in the future.

It's been a pleasing experience so far with Pebble. Although, the last time I used wrist watch is when I was in high school and never use any since then. I thought that I always got bothered to anything stick on my arm. But Pebble made me reconsidered it and it successfully changed my mind.

All notifications from my iPhone now pushed straight to Pebble on my arm. When I'm riding my motorcycle, I don't need to reach my phone inside my pocket anymore. It's really useful!

Now I must always turn on my bluetooth all day long since it's the only way Pebble communicated with my iPhone. I was afraid my iPhone battery got drained fast when I always turn my bluetooth on. Well, of course it did drained more fast after I started using Pebble.

For me since my daily activities mostly inside the office so far I never experienced battery drained because I can simply recharged it whenever it need, but then I noticed my battery drain faster compared to before I have Pebble and turn my bluetooth off all day. With both my iPhone and my Pebble fully charged when I started the day, with approximately 40 notifications everyday, my Pebble survived 3 days with no recharge. My iPhone battery shows 20% to 10% left at the end of the day without recharge. With the note that my iPhone's display never goes on more than 2 minutes for every activities I did on it.

I know Pebble is considered primitive compared to other smart watch especially with those Android based smart watch with their color display and touch screen, but for me Pebble is enough to solved my need, and also because I believe that smart watch isn't there to replace your smartphone, instead it's extended device of your smartphone.