• 19 Apr 2014
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Open Letter to Flickr (regarding your new iOS app)

Dear Flickr,

I'm one of your user since 2006, (that was two years after you launched), subscribed to your Pro account service from 2011, until now. You're one of the pioneer of online photography community and gallery, and without no hesitation I can tell that Flickr is still one of the best in online photography community. With your experiences in this field this whole 10 years, I believe you truly understand how we (the photographers) think and act, and provide what the best for us as a photographer to show our works and to interact with fellow photogs around the world, until you messing up with your new iOS app you've just launched few days ago.

Since i'm using iPhone and using your iOS app, in my opinion, your new iOS app is offended my essential principle as photographer, by displaying my photos to square format regardless what format I set on my photo, and pushed the pixels so it just look really really bad.

Just so you know, I carefully decided my format as my tool to telling what I want to tell in my photograph, it's a composition! And this is the thing that you supposed to know and understand, with all those years of experiences in photography community. Maybe other people don't mind their photos being cropped like that, but not me. Not at all. Although I know by tapping once on a photo we can see full photo with its actual aspect ratio, but it still unacceptable for me.

I'm as a photographer want to show our photo as perfect as possible, in any medium as possible. I create the whole workflow start from taking a picture, editing, post processing, until share it online with really careful deliberation. I make sure every aspect of my photo (including aspect ratio and how it will displayed) served my vision, and hoping anyone who sees my photo, can see and understand my vision and message in it without any intrusion.

After all these years I watched, you guys are keep doing wrong things with your decisions changing this and that, and yes it affected my experience on the site, but I wasn't really bothered because it was not really essential, until this aspect ratio on displaying photos came up on your iOS app and it does really make me upset.

So, for your iOS app, my suggestions simply would be:

1. Please show my photos as it is on the first view on your iOS app.
2. Do not blown up my photo, as it will make my photo look really bad.
3. Do not imitate Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter to display the photos on mobile app. You're being considered specifically as real photographer's place to show their work and hangout, keep that in mind.

I don't mind the rest, do whatever you want on your iOS app.

I also posted my comment on your Flickr Ideas forum and tweeted it earlier about this matter, just so you know.

Rizal Renaldi