• 14 Jan 2016
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A bunch of young professionals in their early career, most likely on their first year after graduated, walks into the this place and start to enjoying their beers while chat about each other problems in the office.

I was there. On the next table. Overheard all the talkings.

I know.

But they were talk so loud (maybe it was the beers. You know) as if they were in the jungle where no ones around, in fact there was full pack of people, and I couldn't help to hear and I can't blame my ear to overheard what they says.

Anyway, I used to collect a little phrase that I overheard from passerby. Since I only heard a bit chunk of their talking, and I don't really know the context, then most of the time those little phrases are sounds weird and absurd, in positives way. Well at least it positive for me.

Maybe I should re-compile my overheard phrases.