• 9 Nov 2016
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Re-building wolppp.com

I know, it’s maybe unnecessary for right know since Wolppp still has few contents and haven’t yet acquires many artists to submit their artworks, but this… *while pointing to my chest with serious face* … this ‘developer mode’ (trust me I’m barely a developer) inside of me itch to getting fix some of the unfinished glitches in current version of wolppp.com.

So it’s been almost a week or so I try to teach myself some of the things that I never thought I could. Things like Jekyll, javascript, SASS, HTML5 history API, from really scared to even see CLI, now I make all the things with CLI. Now I can bravely says that I can make a Jekyll website, NPM, Grunt, Gulp with browserSync in CLI. I almost want to try MEAN stack and Backbone JS, but since it’s looks too complex, I decided to go static solution like Jekyll.

In its relation to Wolppp, mostly the things that haven’t implemented yet in Wolppp is now taking shapes. Only few others that I still need to work on.

☑ Solving a current’s glitch in modal box preview
☑ Modal box preview with hash URL so user can share specific artwork and go directly to it
☑ Making the page load and browse faster
☑ Easy management without CMS
☐ Serving specific download link for specific device type based on brand, OS and screen resolution

Meanwhile, I really want ported this blog to Jekyll and leave all those wordpress’ nitty gritty behind, while on the other side I’m also experimenting with HTML5 Canvas :)