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About Me

Rizal Renaldi is professional design & creative consultant with more than 12 years experences. Prior to being independent consultant, I've worked in local and multinational advertising agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia. Handled many clients in wide ranging industries such as tobacco, banking, FMCG, automotive and logistic.

Currently reside in Jakarta, Indonesia and available for consultation in brand identity development, creative and digital works.

Contact me at rizalrenaldi(at)

Thoughts on Music Streaming

After few months trying out Apple Music and since Spotify (that finally) officially opened up its access in Indonesia a month ago (even though I start my Spotify access two years ago), I think both service are okay, but not great, as for completeness of their music library. I found both service lack of some of my favourite album from my favourite bands, and it quite annoying. I know maybe its a matter of their agreement with bands or labels. Despite of it, still, I'm annoyed.

While definitely you can find all of those Korean girl band or shits like Kanye's or even some random ugly EDMs, but just to mention some, I couldn't find "From Chaos" from 311, both in Apple Music and Spotify. Pure Reason Revolution only has one album both in Apple Music and Spotify. I couldn't find Symphony X's Paradise Lost in both. The Reign of Kindo's self-titled EP, which is their greatest released, is lack on both service.

Some says that music streaming decreased music sharing (or as hypocrites called "music piracy"). I see that music streaming successfully educate people on how they consume music. But to think that it will wipe off music sharing is a bit too arrogant. The more I pays for music streaming, the more I used them, the more I found that it lacks of having my favourite albums, the more I realized that music sharing will not get wiped off, at least not for short period of time. Not to mention a long time study that says music sharing has nothing to do with people's willingness to buy music, which has been proven to see today's trend on music streaming.