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Rizal Renaldi is professional design & creative consultant with more than 12 years experences. Prior to being independent consultant, I've worked in local and multinational advertising agencies in Jakarta, Indonesia. Handled many clients in wide ranging industries such as tobacco, banking, FMCG, automotive and logistic.

Currently reside in Jakarta, Indonesia and available for consultation in brand identity development, creative and digital works.

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Wahana Rebranding — Transforming the business, reshaping consumer perception through brand image.


Established in 1998, Wahana is one of the early player in modern logistic business category in Indonesia. Started as small company in Surabaya growing into one of the largest nation-wide logistic network in Indonesia. In 2018 Wahana realigned its brand strategy and rebranding is needed to reflects this realignment.

New identity reflect the modern Wahana, capture the spirit of its friendly and affordable services but in the same times upgrades its professional image. Some of the elements in the logo inherits previous identity and transforms it into more modern, professional image, making it more confident to its customer to interact with company and all of its services. Supported by new brand tagline: "Hemat. Cepat. Bersahabat." applied in communication and promotional materials to communicate brand message.

Wahana Brand Identity Guideline

The Logo

The logo constructed and measured utilizing Golden Ratio rules to ensure its legibility especially when it applied across communication, promotion and digital materials. Contrast to previous logo, bold custom sans serif typeface has been chosen to reflect new image of Wahana.

The blue and yellow color combination has been long owned by Wahana. New identity inherits this color combination from previous identity, but has been total readjusted to reflect new strategy and to accommodates medium and implementation especially digital media.

Website redesign following brand guideline

Cohesive Identity

Beyond logo, this new identity reformed all visual materials from company's collaterals, advertising, communication and digital, to create visual identity cohesion that strengthen the imagery. Website and app user experience and user interface also separately developed in details to accommodate today's consumers need.

Company collaterals and implementation

Project Details

  • Client: Wahana
  • Type: Corporate, Rebranding, Digital
  • Year: 2019